Agatha – that’s how she rolls!

The first educational book of its kind on the market for both young and old. It’s a story that inspires and gives hope, conveying the message that a person in a wheelchair can lead a full life, be active, have passions, family, friends, and pursue dreams. The titular character, Agata, believes that her disability doesn’t limit her in any way. On the contrary, she sees it as a state of mind rather than a limitation of the body. The narrator is a fully-abled girl, Zosia, who is Agata’s niece. All the characters are exceptional individuals, moving on wheelchairs yet very active, loving life, and teaching us at every step how to embrace life to the fullest.

The inspiration for creating the book came from Agata Roczniak, a very real person. She has been living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) since birth. Moving in a wheelchair, she doesn’t view it as a weakness but rather as a strength. She has befriended her limitations, breaking barriers to self-realization. Agata is a graduate in finance and banking, as well as philosophy and psychology. For over 25 years, she has been active professionally, initially as a wheelchair model and currently as the President of the Diversum Foundation. She inspires a change in the perception of people with disabilities. Privately, she is a fulfilled woman, wife, and mother.


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Małgorzata Strękowska-Zaremba

Translation into English

Maria Antonina Jaszczurowska


Andrzej Tylkowski

Published by

Fundacja Diversum

Official premiere


Book binding


Number of pages


Dimensions [mm]

210 x 210